Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Raw deal for commentator, Celebrity who is twitter gold, arrested for armed robbery!!..... Blog is now available..................................................................

Apparently when puplils now go to the schools' career officier the job most 16-year-olds want to do is not become an Astronaut, a football player or even a layabout but a horse race commentator.

Such is the demand for this well paid gig, the number of people applying from within the industry is growing enormously each year. As a consequence some of the 'old guard' have to be moved on - similar to moving your grandad into a nursing home to make way for a new three piece suite.

The news that Derek Thompson (no comment needed) and Jim McGrath (good voice, eyes have gone) have been put on probation (similar to a lamb being told don't worry about losing your coat)is no surprise but the inclusion of Darren Owen is.

All I can imagine is that the panel have decided the reason is that Owen is either too short or the fact he is Welsh. It certainly can't be because of his commentaries, though lacking the sexiness of a John Hunt, are accurate and delivered in a perfect pitch.

Instead, viewers of ATR (Racing UK won't have him) will have to put up with the inane ramblings of Matt Chapman. Seriously? It's like comparing a Ferrari with a Skoda.

Twitter has become the best vehicle for transporting news. I never really embraced Facebook, but Twitter is perfect for relaying messages about Kieren without having to ring ten different outlets.

Racing is dependent on Celebrites getting involved and promoting the sport and when you get one that also causes a stir even better. Joey Barton has a number of horses in training, mainly with Peter Chapple-Hyam.

But it's his spats on Twitter that has made the QPR captain a legend in the social networking world. He had a very public set-to with the cast of The Only Way is Essex.

His quote to one female member who castigated him of "Are you the Hippo, the prostitute or the corpse?" made the front page of the tabloids. Legendary. Yesterday, Barton, who has over a million followers, was at it again.

He moaned vigoriously because PARIS HILTON had decided to follow him. I won't repeat what he said here but give him a follow on@Joey7Barton. You won't be disapppointed.

I have to finish this blog by saying yesterday I was arrested as a suspected armed robber. Two police cars surrounded my car in Harlow and four armed police pointed machine guns at me. All very scary.

Having been asked if I had any offensive weapons in my car which, apart from my mouth, was only a copy of The Sun. I was taken to the police station and held for two hours.

On release I was told the real suspect had been caught. A 5ft 4" Chinaman with long black hair. I kid you not.

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