Sunday, 15 January 2012

Kieren forced to miss rides, joy of being a pundit, employed as a pig PR agent......Blog is now available............................

Kieren was forced to miss his rides at Kempton today with illness. In truth, he probably shouldn't have ridden at Lingfield on Saturday after having travel problems back from Dubai.

From an agent's point of view it's frustrating because you then have to deal with annoyed trainers. But as I explained to John Hills, Kieren wasn't able to give the horses 100%. Thankfully, Naughtical (3rd) and Dawn Lightning (2nd) ran well.

Kieren has one booked mount at Wolverhampton and I'm hopeful he will be able to ride. It's an important one in Warneford for George Baker, a trainer whom Kieren will ride a lot for this year.

People often ask me why I like working as a pundit for Timeform Radio. The answer is simple - ego. If a pundit, whether it's for radio or tv, tells you otherwise they are lying! There is a real buzz when you get something right.

The downside, of course, is that you get 'slaughtered' if you get something wrong and you do have to deal with people who have 'Yozzer Hughes' syndrome, but I wouldn't swop it for anything. I'd like to think I'm good at it as well

I could, however, always go back into PR. I have helped promote bands, cars, even a brief time writing blurbs for new comedy shows. Nothing, though, could compare with boosting a pig

A few years ago when I lived in Gt Dunmow I was asked, by a local paper, to promote a pig for Miss Piggy World. Four pigs were in the running and I was asked extol the good points of Jasmine.

The good news is that Jasmine won. The bad news was that Jasmine, for obvious reasons, wasn't able to defend her title.

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