Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Disappointing news from Dubai, plans for 2012, a BBC dilemma..............

Ok, after the teaser yesterday about a decent ride at the Dubai Carnival, the mood kind of went flat first thing when I was told that the horse was lame and wouldn't be running. Things got worse as the cat decided to crap on my office floor minutes into said conversation.

Dubai can be a tricky place for any freelance jockey. There aren't many spare rides but you harbour hopes that contacts can be made for the forthcoming season. It's no secret that Kieren wants to ride more for Mahmood Al Zarooni.

The news today that Goldolphin's second trainer will operate with 300 horses is astonshing, and most of Kieren's backend rides, apart from Luca's, were geared towards Al Zarooni. Kieren had a healthy 45% strike rate for him.

You always have to move forward in any sport, so expect to see Kieren ride more for George Baker, and, hopefully, for the likes of James Tate and Ed Walker. Some trainers have moved away but he still has a strong relationship with a considerable number, with Luca still first choice.

A dilemma landed on the floor this morning. Do I take up the option of appearing on the BBC1 quiz Pointless? My appearance on the Weakest Link three years ago wasn't great. I went out in round five after getting all three questions wrong.

It was bad enough answering a question incorrect on the inhabitants of the New Forest and being mocked at the time by Anne Robinson, but she continued to take the piss once filming had finished. Not sure I could cope if Alexander Armstrong decided to do the same.


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