Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mubtadi works well.......Beth Tweddle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, X Factor............

Mubtadi worked well this morning in the hood. He went 6f with Autumnus and pulled clear close home. It was pleasing and puts him spot on for a 0-65 7f handicap at Wolverhampton on Friday.

Shane Kelly, who rode him today, will ride him on Friday. He runs off a mark of just 62. He also  runs for the first time as a gelding. Entries are out today.
I know i'm in danger of having egg on my face, but I would suggest taking any prices available on Beth Tweddle to win this year's Dancing On Ice. On paper it looks a poor line-up, the likes of Pamela Anderson, Joe Pasquale, Gareth Thomas and Anthea Turner hardly excite.

Tweddle is a Olympic gymnast, is small but, more importantly, is a natural. Two soap stars have won the last two years but I have long believed a girl has a major advantage. Laura Hamilton and Georgie Porter have been runners-up for the past two years, yet Tweddle is an athlete who has been excellent in training.


It's the final of the X Factor tonight and my advice if you want a bet is to follow the market on Betfair. I'm convinced there is insider trading going on in these reality shows, personified by the last ten minutes of last week's I'm A Celebrity.

Ashley was trading at 1.48 when the final programme began, was still 1.73 with 20 minutes to go. Suddenly a rush of money, saw Ashley drift to 2.5 and the eventual winner, Charlie Brookes, shorten to 1.34 from 2.3.

It's not the first time the market has proved to be the best guide and it could well prove the best form guide tonight.

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