Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Kieren's rides at Meydan, case of mistaken identity, the follies of loyalty............................................................

Kieren has some decent rides in the next two days at Meydan, including the former Luca Cumani inmate Star Right who has been relatively disappointing since joining Goldolphin. The step up in trip should help, though.

Kieren has five rides booked for Thursday and a further three on Friday, including Rhythm of Light in the Balanchine. Tom Dascombe's filly scoped badly after a poor effort in the Cape Verdi so a much better effort is expected.

A flying visit back to Britain brought winners for Kieren at Wolverhampton (keep an eye on Berlusca) for Mark Brisbourne and Southwell for David O'Meara. They are little fish but vital ones for when the grass starts in earnest.

Dubai is Kieren's likely destination for the next two weeks which will eradicate the possibility of a reapeat of the weird conversation I had with whom I thought was Kieren's agent in the Emirates. I tend to not get involved with KF's rides in Dubai, he deals with an old friend of his based in the country.

On Monday, after Tom Dascombe wanted Kieren to ride Rhythm Of Light, I sent a message to Kieren's agent via Twitter. The next day, after receiving no confirmation of the booking. I then had exchange of messages which got increasingly more bizzare.

Eventually, it came to light I was having a conversation with a guy in Carlisle with the same name, who hadn't a clue what I was on about, and he only went along with it because he thought I was a nutter!

Loyalty is a word that gets bandied about in most sports. It's often used as a form of blackmail when the orator is trying to get their own way. I'm a great believer in loyalty, but mine was severely tested when Kieren was jocked off by William Knight last weekend.

I'm sure that Lee Clark, former manager at Huddersfield, feels the same after being sacked by the club on Wednesday despite the team sitting FOURTH in League One.

Clark has had ample offers in the past to leave for another club based upon his fantastic results for the Yorkshire club, but wanted to stay 'loyal' to Huddersfield. Wonder if he feels the same way now?

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