Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Are syndicates the way to go for people to get involved in horserace ownership?..................................................................................

Attracting new people into horse racing has baffled even the greatest minds. Free entry, discounted prices, two-for-one offers have all been tried. The major draw, though, is backing, or the ultimate fantasy, of owning a winner.

Owning a racehorse is beyond the reach of most working people but the next best option is to be part of a syndicate. When I decided to write this blog I didn’t realise how many there were. I’m now an expert on percentages, monthly costs, buy ins, no buy ins, lease only.

It’s mind boggling. I have decided to concentrate on three because I believe each can offer a different service. The first one, and the most expensive of the trio, is SN Racing, run by Steve Nunn.

The well-set out website - currently shows two horses for sale. Eight shares available in Fight (an unraced three-year-old with Jeremy Gask) and ten in an un-named two-year-old with John Best. The former is priced at £2,580 + £3,420 (£285 a month) for a year’s training, the latter is £3,000 + £2,880.

The usual benefits, badges, yard visits, newsletter, is included and the prices appear reasonable for a syndication with a proven record.

Nunn says that he is happy to have a maximum of 10 shares rather than micro-ownership but that is the route that Sean Quinn, son of trainer John Quinn, has taken with his new syndicate Highfieldracing -

The father and son venture has one horse available for sale, a two-year-old filly by Moss Vale, called Tharawal Lady. Described as ‘an early type’ by Quinn jnr, she is available for a one –off price of £1,150 (ex vat).

The upside is that it works out at around £90 a month for a year’s ownership, the downside is that it will be for a 1/30th share. It means your percentage from any sale wouldn’t be excessive. If that doesn’t bother you then plenty of fun could be had with an excellent handler.

The last one, run by the enthusiastic Andy Bonarius, is Wildcard Racing – - will appeal to those without a massive budget to play with.

For an outlay of just £1,600, you can have a year’s training and a 5% purchase of promising maiden Henry Bee ( rated 71). The Richard Fahey three-year-old is now handicapped and ready to win.

Bonarius advertises that your involvement includes updates by text, twitter, and regular raceday outings even if you horse isn’t running, His aim is to attract the younger owner.

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